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Ever imagined or made that magical long reach across a field without having to worry about colliding with people or dogs??

Well, you can achieve this regularly by joining the North Hants Buggy Club. A group of enthusiasts have got together and are currently renting a 20 acre field in the Basingstoke area for their own use. This land will effectively be private, with no footpaths or bridle ways across the field, so access is only allowed to members of the club.

This move has been partly prompted by the trend of Kite Buggying and Boarding in public places becoming more restricted due to controls being placed on the sport by Local Councils. Understandably, this is has come about because of various incidents that have happened around the country and widely reported by the media, these incidents are not necessarily linked directly to the sport itself, but we appear to be suffering from some of the consequences. Our field allows us to practise our recreation without interfering with anyone else, or them to interfere with us (dogs, bikes, people etc.)

The main reason for the Club is to allow us to go Buggying and Boarding on private land so that we can be more relaxed when pursuing the sport
- A Dedicated Site for Dedicated Enthusiasts.

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The North Hants Buggy Club is a 'not for profit organisation' with a written and agreed Constitution to protect everyone's rights and ensure responsible use.

Valid British Kitesports insurance is required by ALL Members
- all associated safety precautions will need to be taken to ensure that the insurance remains valid.

Interested? Then please fill in this online form.

or send/fax the details to:

North Hants Buggy Club
The Chapel
Farleigh Road
RG25 2JL

Telephone/Fax: 01256 812487

Alternately if you want to find out more about the club contact us by emailing admin.